Research overview

We focus on materials processing and fabrication, with applications in energy, optoelelectronics, sensing and nanotechnology.

Our group strives to develop a deeper understanding of fundamental materials and optical physics in order to have a direct impact on applications at the frontiers of technology. Using a combination of approaches, including laser-based, solution-based, and mechanical methods, we develop novel ways to enhance structures and properties and optimize material performance. Our current research targets nanofabrication, optofluidics, energy conversion and storage, laser-induced forward transfer, and materials for mid-infrared photonics.

    Research areas

  • Laser Processing

    laser processing

    Key examples of our laser processing work include the research and development of optical trap assisted direct-write nanopatterning (OTAN), blister-actuated laser induced forward transfer (LIFT), and the tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction (TAG) lens for high-speed varifocal imaging and materials processing.

  • Energy storage and conversion

    energy storage

    Our energy storage research focuses on understanding the fundamental relations between mechanics and electrochemical performance, optimizing grid level storage for alternative energy, and laser processing of energy storage materials.

  • Amorphous materials

    Mid-IR photonics

    In our mid-infrared materials research we develop methods of processing mid-IR compatible optical materials, in particular, highly photoresponsive and nonlinear chalcogenide glasses for integrated optical devices.

We thank our sponsors for their funding.