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Prof. Craig B. Arnold and his research group focus on materials processing and fabrication, with applications in energy, optoelelectronics, sensing and nanotechnology.

News and recent publications

  • Parametric study of multi-focal laser processing using an ultrafast tunable acoustic lens

    X. Du, C. Florian, and C.B. Arnold, Proc. of SPIE(20222) reports the implementation of multi-focal beam shaping by adopting a tunable acoustic gradient of index lens. This enhances laser processing throughput by increasing the number of processing sites and lowering processing time.

  • Understanding the Rayleigh instability in humping phenomenon during laser powder bed fusion process

    W. Zhang, W. Hou, L. Deike, and C.B. Arnold, Int. J. of Ext. Manufacturing (2022) use Rayleigh-Plateau theory to determine the stability of a single molten track in laser-based powder bed fusion of metals. It was discovered that normalized enthalpy determines whether a molten track is initially unstable and if so, the growth rate of the instability.

  • The Effect of Mechanical Frequency on Piezoelectrochemical Energy Harvesters

    J. Preimesberger, and C.B. Arnold, IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control (2022) report the effect of mechanical frequency on piezoelectrochemical (PEC) harvesters. A commercially available lithium ion pouch cell was used as a test system, where it was found that PEC current output is maximized by applying a square-wave frequency with the fastest strain rate and longest hold time.

Craig Arnold holding a TAG lens


  • (May 6) Joseph Stiles gave his 3rd year research talk in Chemistry!
  • (May 5) Graduate student Juliane Preimesberger has sucessfully defended her thesis. Congratulations Dr. Preimesberger !
  • (April 22) Undergraduate students finished their Senior theses and Junior IW/Papers.  Way to go Alfred, Delan, Linda, Nathaniel, Bridget, and Kesevan!

Talks and Conferences

  • MRS Spring Meeting, Honolulu Hawaii (May 8th through May 13th)
  • CLEO-Pacific Rim, Sapporo, Japan (July 31 through August 5)